We help business owners design and develop:

New Service Offerings

How do you turn value into revenue? We’ve got decades of experience helping business owners figure out how to turn their expertise into service offerings.

Branding / Re-branding

Having difficulty attracting quality customers/clients? How you look and interact with your customers makes a big difference.

Infrastructure for Scalability

Are you growing like a weed, or like a rose? We help design the operations side of your business and reduce growing pains.

That’s Awesome! but where’s the money?

That’s Awesome! but where’s the money? Creating a product or a service that stands out in the marketplace is a Read More

First Steps: Scaling your business

Growing a business is often a bit like trying to juggle – lots of balls in the air and all Read More

Communicate your way to Success

Business is a communications exercise. If you are not communicating well problems emerge almost instantly. Independent of supply chain, service delivery, Read More

Branding vs. Packaging (which one is more important?)

With all the buzz over the past few years about branding it’s important to know the difference between branding and Read More

Having trouble with sales?

Customers that find your product or service easy to understand and purchase will be much more likely to do so. Read More

How do I Know if my Website Sucks?

It’s simple your website sucks if it fails to achieve the purpose you intended for it.

The Rising Tide

JFK said “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is absolutely true in the business world. Helping businesses closely related Read More

Beyond Goal Setting and Motivation: How sh*t really gets done

Goal setting and motivation are the tired drums of a tired set of business coaches, consultants, and motivational speakers. They Read More

The do’s and dont’s of QR Codes

You’ve seen ’em popping up everywhere. The little barcodes on your ketchup bottle or your hipster friends business cards, but Read More

How to get other people to follow up

Let’s face it, follow up is tough. Be it calling other people or trying to remember to complete a piece of work. Read More

How to tell your boss that they are disorganized

  How do you tell your boss that they are disorganized?

Using a 30 second commercial to get business from everyone you meet.

Have you developed a good 30 second commercial for your referral group? You could use this commercial in other settings Read More

Stop Chasing Motivation and Start Achieving your Goals.

Motivation is a mysterious bird – one that seems to fly in and out of our lives on a whim. Read More

How to turn your passion into money.

Could you imagine what it would be like if you could wake up every day and get paid to do Read More

You are Awesome!

The truth is simple, and stranger than fiction. You are awesome.

The rules of the game revealed: What it means to “get it.”

Many conversations I’ve had recently on the topic of face-to-face networking have revolved around the idea of working with those Read More

When is the right time to hire your first employee?

For many of us, we eased into the business – often through side work and freelancing. As we worked up Read More

A Formula to Avoid Misunderstandings

Considering the sheer number of variables involved in communicating anything – it is an absolute wonder that it is possible at Read More

Conquer the to-do list in 3 easy steps

The dreaded and ever lengthening to-do list strikes fear into the hearts of most business owners. From the crumpled up Read More

How I Finally Learned to take Myself Seriously.

A few years ago, when I decided to go out on my own, I thought it wise to take a Read More

You’d be surprised how many business owners get this wrong.

It seems you can’t get your employees to do anything right. They tell you one thing to get hired and Read More

The secret to Managing People

The work of a manager is often daunting. The day to day grind of demands from both the bottom and Read More

“Time Management” is a Waste of Time.

Making the most of your day seems impossible when you are buried under a pile of b.s. tasks and general Read More

Achieving an Unlimited Return on Investment

In my coaching and consulting practice, I run into quite a few business owners. Each one suffering from one type Read More

Turning Squishy Desires into Hard Goals

Many people use goals to drive to a more ideal future. Some goals can’t easily be achieved because they don’t Read More

How (literally) to turn Dreams into Reality

The human mind is an amazing tool. One of the more engaging past times of the mind is to dream Read More

The Business Case for Cultivating Wisdom

Wisdom is a business worth billions of dollars a year. Many companies, individuals, and social organizations claim to understand it Read More

The Secrets to Hosting a Successful Meeting: Logistical Communications

A good meeting can mean the difference between achieving amazing results or completely destroying an initiative. To do it right, Read More

Know what you are getting into with Pre-Employment screenings

The single greatest investment any company makes is its people. Send this article to any manager who thinks differently (you Read More

The Secrets to Hosting a Successful Meeting: Selecting the Venue

A good meeting can mean the difference between achieving amazing results or completely destroying an initiative. To do it right, Read More

Get Better Results by Knowing your Learning & Communication Style

Become even more incredible by knowing how to add to your awesome through learning.

RentASmartGuy.com Business Consulting Show – Episode 01

We’ve hosted our first show – today’s topic employee management. I’ll be working the bugs out over the next couple Read More

Make Impossible Decisions

Recently, I spent some time learning how to run. I didn’t know that I couldn’t run, but as it turns Read More

RentASmartGuy.com Launches Innovative Personal Development System

A new tool for personal development leveraging video game concepts helps individuals become agents in their own learning and development.

Creating an Agent Profile

Forgive the madness here for a bit – we are working frantically (me and the mouse in my pocket) to Read More

The Secret to Finding Good Help

Small business owners are often too busy trying to keep the bills paid to think about the operations side of Read More

The Secret Backbone to Business Growth

Everything you do as a small business owner originates from your experiences starting the business. The shortcuts and sacrifices you Read More

Networking for Fun and Profit

Networking is one of the best ways to increase your potential sales and client base – but only if done Read More

The Most Overlooked Way to Increase Sales

All too often when we think of increasing sales, we think about hiring sales people or fussing with our marketing Read More

The Secret to Mastery

When we unlearn what we think we know – we can inspect some of these errors in our thinking and remove them

How to get Consulting Clients by Going out of your Mind

Going crazy trying to get clients? Re-thinking being an independent? Learn how to get your important knowledge out of your head and into the hands of your customer.

Emotional Kung Fu: How to clean out your emotional icebox using sadness.

Feeling sad happens to the best of us – until you learn how to turn it off. Turning off the ability to be sad, though, has disastrous consequences for us emotionally. Why?

Closing 5 Critical Gaps between you and your Customer

Getting clients is easy when you make it easy to get clients.

How to write a Quality “About Us” Page for your Website

One of the most overlooked pages on a website; however, is the high quality About Us page.

Make Competition Impossible and Dominate the Marketplace

Leading from the edge is one of the easiest ways to quickly garner markethsare. Why?

When and Where to Cast your Marketing Hook

Creating a marketing strategy that speaks to customers “where they are” is often overlooked by seasoned professionals.

How to Evaluate a Strategic Plan

Success in business isn’t an accident.

Superman would choose Accountability

Accountability is a choice that not many make…

Get the Lead out of your Business.

There are many ways to increase profits. Streamlining ‘how’ you do business is one of the most overlooked ways to Read More

Identifying Systemic Issues in your Organization

Figuring out that something is isn’t quite right is a good first step. Putting your finger on what is wrong; Read More

Learn one skill to Master them all.

Many different fish grow to the size of the bowl or pond they live in. People are no different – Read More

The Fine Art of Giving Work to Someone Else

The art of telling people what to do has been studied for many years. Most everyone agrees that being clear Read More

Nurturing Social Networks

Social Networking can destroy relationships if not carefully implemented. Shifting from an outcomes based approach to a nurturing approach can Read More

Making The Transition to Servant Leader

Good service is hard to find, and it is even harder to understand. Beyond equitable treatment of others, what does Read More

Being smart is holding you back

Intelligent business professionals often fall prey to gaps in their thinking that inhibit results. Common distortions include not having enough Read More

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