Customers that find your product or service easy to understand and purchase will be much more likely to do so. Are you removing the nonsense from your sales process?

A recent customer of mine in the trades worked with me to re-define how they sell their services. What was once a 2, 3, or four WEEK process now happens in a quick phone conversation. His close rate increased to over 80% as a result up from 20%.

RASG-Sales-Process-Fail-1If you make it hard to buy with long complex intake forms or other such nuisances, your customers will not be able to quickly make the financial commitment to working with you. Your business may require a significant amount of background information to help deliver a product or service – put that data gathering after the purchase and you will find that your sales increase significantly.

You should always endeavor to make working with you as easy and straightforward as possible. Think about your product or service packaging as well. Does getting involved with your product or service require a significant special industry knowledge? Does it need to?

Even the most involved and complex business models can be simplified to the benefit of your customer (and your employees). Consider this if you find your sales flagging or your prospect pipeline not converting. As always, if you need it, the folks here at can help – Sales Process Reviews starting at $750.