Many different fish grow to the size of the bowl or pond they live in. People are no different – except our mind determines the size of the pond. Becoming bigger than life is a process of opening your mindto a bigger life. You only need one skill to do this.

When you learn something new, you are creating a magical connection between mind and body that allows for the most amazing things. Don’t believe me? – look at Federer play tennis or Tiger play golf. Learning is the key to achievement, but it is also the key to enrichment. As we learn, our ability to appreciate subtlety increases. The more subtlety you can appreciate – the larger your world.

The ability to broaden your world then is enhanced by what you learn. More important that what you learn though is how and when to apply it. The truth is – almost everything you learn can be applied to more than one dimension of your life. Learn how to bait a hook in fishing and you are actually learning patience, focus, analysis and marketing (albeit to fish).

Make everything you do an act of learning and enhancing the skill behind the behavior. Studying for an exam? Watch how you study and learn about what was effective and what wasn’t. Learning about how to sell products online? Watch how those techniques are used in the real world and look for opportunity. Learning how to type faster? Watch for signs of improvement and see if those signs show up when you are learning something else.

When you do this – you are learning at three different levels at once, you are following your focus, you are evaluating the approach for efficacy, and you are learning how you learn. Try to pay attention and your world will open up to opportunities that you haven’t before conceived.

This is the core skill that creates organizational agility.