The truth is simple, and stranger than fiction. You are awesome.

The challenge for far to many of us is, sadly, we don’t know how awesome we are. We bought into the wrong set of concepts.

The concepts we believed are a sham. We believed that what we did and who we are are the same. We thought that what happens in your life determines the character of who you are. Many of us, maybe even you think that success is a measure of worth. Some of us use financial, social, or productivity measures to determine how we think, feel, and act. We believed that success and failure were states that people wore around their chest.

All of that is wrong. In reality, you are awesome.

The orchestrated masterpiece that is this world we live in does not have any useless parts. There is no one on this earth who doesn’t harmoniously play their part in the cosmic saga. Recognize that failure is impossible, because failure doesn’t exist. Success is impossible, because it too, does not exist. All that exists is the moment you are in, reading these words. Everything, literally, everything else is up for debate. History is interpretation. The future is¬†interpretation.

You are amazing in the way that every fiber of your being emerges from a past experience that no one else understands. You are living a life that defies all understanding, and when you look at what you’ve become given the sheer weight of what you have lived through – it is improbable, if not impossible to believe.

Apart from being so amazing, so awesome, you also have the capacity for even greater levels of engagement. You can take away even the smallest of obstacles between you and the gift you bring to the world. You can, before the light of your brilliance, dissolve without effort anything that stands in your way between expressing your truth, and hiding in the shadows.

You MUST. The world depends on it. Literally. You could be the person who renews someone’s faith in people. You could be the person who challenges someone to rise above their own situation. The truth is – you will never know. You could be the cautionary tale for others – however it all turns out, is unimportant.

What is important is that right now. Right here, you recognize that you truly are awesome – and that no one, not even yourself, can take that from you.