Getting clients is easy when you make it easy to get clients. The separation that exists between you and your consumer are called “action gaps.” Closing these gaps makes doing business both easy and much more likely. Understanding and closing these gaps should be a part of any new business offering or strategic planning. This same approach is also valid when managing and delegating to employees.

Close Gap 1: Making you easy to find
Anymore with so much information at our fingertips it is easy to find people who want to be found. Making you easy to find is a great way to get started. You can do this by having business cards and a basic web presence. If you are a service business, increase your exposure by having your vehicles lettered and wear a uniform. A key part of making you easy to find is VISIBILITY. Another consideration in being easy to find is branding, both online and offline.

Close Gap 2: Make the need obvious
closing gaps between you and your customer using communicationOften a need is not immediately visible or well understood in the eyes of your potential customer. Helping them understand exactly what they need is a critical step in closing the gap between inaction and action. Most direct mail marketing starts here and takes the customer over the next gap. Using some of the marketing techniques that catch the customer where they are in the buying process may also help.
Close Gap 3: Make the need urgent
Any need without the press or urgency is a wish or a “nice to have.” Increasing urgency can happen through limited time offers, or by clearly outlining the benefits of acting now versus acting later. Making a need urgent is often done by clarifying the opportunity and effectively closing gap 2.
Close Gap 4: Make action easy
Even a strong and urgent need may not be filled by a customer required to go to lengths to get the solution. Some of this is based on location, but much of it can be solved through “push button” solutions on the web. made it easy to buy and now they are the largest online retailer. Facebook made it easy to network, now they are the largest social networking site. Make it easy to do business with you through clear pricing, easy access, and quality service.
Close Gap 5: Make action contagious
Sharing with your friends is important – you do it every day. Leveraging the power of one consumer to land three others just makes good sense. Having a referral program that encourages repeat business and new customers allows people to go the extra step of promoting your service. Include business cards with your thank you notes. Let others know you care and they will care enough to refer you to friends and family
Closing these gaps lets people easily take action either as consumers or on your behalf. Making it easy is only the first step though; the next one is to make it fun. More to come.