Leading from the edge is one of the easiest ways to quickly garner markethsare. Why?Word travels fast when you are doing something groundbreaking. Why then, aren’t you breaking new ground with the work you’ve already done? Innovation is as it always has been; a combination of new and old.

The field of wealth in front of you is, for all practical purposes, infinite. There is more money out in the field than you could ever use – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get as much as you can. To do that, you need to offer your existing skills, services, or products in new and innovative ways.

The succesful “inventors” in the world are just like you – a seasoned expert in their field. They have identified a common, or universal problem, and solved it by applying their expertise. The catch is – they have solved the problem, not in a new way, but in a new field.

The first player to market, or the first player to create a market is often hardest to de-throne. By the time a newer service or product arrives, the smart inventor is on to the next challenge, constantly pushing the boundaries of the field.

Do you wan’t to be 1 out of 100 identical locksmiths; or do you want to be the only locksmith in town that offers online service scheduling. More than simple niche marketing, a new offering allows for new pricing schedules and increased profits. A new offering also allows for promotions and special marketing to help re-invigorate your company’s brand.

A good consultant can work with you to define new ways to offer and package existing services. They can help turn expertise into packaged products that can be sold, or given away to customers as part of adding value to your existing product or service line.

An expert can look out over the business landscape and bring in knowledge and best practices from different fields. With this perspective they can help you target new areas of business where the revenue is easier to get. They can help you your knowledge, skills, and experience – the things you already know in new greener fields.