PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 29, 2010 – Strategic Process Alliance LLC. in cooperation with releases the Agent Training System. Focused on providing individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to free individuals from self made barriers to growth; the system provides a meaningful way to pursue growth and development. Named after the state of being an agent the program focuses on individual empowerment.

Modeled on aspects of role-playing and online gaming, the system provides an easy to understand approach to unearthing hidden obstacles to individual growth. Individuals looking to chart their own course may find agent training a useful starting point rather than expensive university programs or career counselors.

Unlike boring goal achievement programs, individuals can use the Agent Training System to diagram strengths and opportunities for growth. The system includes three key “life missions” and provides mission support documents to help individuals become agents in their own lives.

A parallel system for businesses is also being developed. offers services that leverage a recognizable brand on behalf of its members. From business cards, to voicemail, consulting, and even websites; they provide infrastructure to members allowing them to focus on growing their business. From renting skills to building capabilities, the individuals at are committed to providing world class services.