In my coaching and consulting practice, I run into quite a few business owners. Each one suffering from one type of systemic issue or other.  Behind most of them lies a single core problem: Low Self Esteem. (more…)

Become even more incredible by knowing how to add to your awesome through learning. (more…)

Recently, I spent some time learning how to run. I didn’t know that I couldn’t run, but as it turns out, the way I was “running” was actually a form of physical abuse. (more…)

Quick, think about something you are really good at. Something that you are better at than all your friends and colleagues. Go ahead, I’ll wait . . . (more…)

Many different fish grow to the size of the bowl or pond they live in. People are no different – except our mind determines the size of the pond. Becoming bigger than life is a process of opening your mindto a bigger life. You only need one skill to do this. (more…)