Figuring out that something is isn’t quite right is a good first step. Putting your finger on what is wrong; however, is much more challenging. (more…)

Many different fish grow to the size of the bowl or pond they live in. People are no different – except our mind determines the size of the pond. Becoming bigger than life is a process of opening your mindto a bigger life. You only need one skill to do this. (more…)

The art of telling people what to do has been studied for many years. Most everyone agrees that being clear about what you want done is critical to success. It seems obvious. The reality is that many people trying to teach, show, or tell others how to do something get frustrated. (more…)

Social Networking can destroy relationships if not carefully implemented. Shifting from an outcomes based approach to a nurturing approach can yield results without losing the crop.


Good service is hard to find, and it is even harder to understand. Beyond equitable treatment of others, what does good service look like? What are the truths that underpin the service mindset?


Intelligent business professionals often fall prey to gaps in their thinking that inhibit results. Common distortions include not having enough time, and the inability to get competent help in completing various tasks or jobs. Recommendations to navigate some of these gaps are provided. (more…)