Getting clients is easy when you make it easy to get clients. The separation that exists between you and your consumer are called “action gaps.” Closing these gaps makes doing business both easy and much more likely. Understanding and closing these gaps should be a part of any new business offering or strategic planning. This same approach is also valid when managing and delegating to employees. (more…)

An effective website does several things to help your business succeed. Having information on your site about your products and services is absolutely critical. Further, having useful tips about buying your product or service is also very helpful. One of the most overlooked pages on a website; however, is the high quality About Us page.


I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day and we ended up discussing why people should bother having a website. It’s a question that falls right into the gap between website developers and marketing gurus. Why have a website? You should have a website site for many reasons.


Leading from the edge is one of the easiest ways to quickly garner markethsare. Why? (more…)

Knowing how to market your products or services is both easy and hard. Easy because you are knowledgeable about the details of your product or service. It is hard because your customer may not be ready to talk about your product or service in the way you can sell it. Creating a marketing strategy that speaks to customers “where they are” is often overlooked by seasoned professionals.

Success in business isn’t an accident. (more…)

Accountability is a choice that not many make… (more…)

There are many ways to increase profits. Streamlining ‘how’ you do business is one of the most overlooked ways to reduce wasted time and save money. (more…)

Figuring out that something is isn’t quite right is a good first step. Putting your finger on what is wrong; however, is much more challenging. (more…)

Many different fish grow to the size of the bowl or pond they live in. People are no different – except our mind determines the size of the pond. Becoming bigger than life is a process of opening your mindto a bigger life. You only need one skill to do this. (more…)