How do you tell your boss that they are disorganized?


Have you developed a good 30 second commercial for your referral group? You could use this commercial in other settings to help you grow your business.

Motivation is a mysterious bird – one that seems to fly in and out of our lives on a whim. Taming your motivation and making it do your bidding is actually not as hard as it sounds.  (more…)

Could you imagine what it would be like if you could wake up every day and get paid to do what you love?


The truth is simple, and stranger than fiction. You are awesome. (more…)

Many conversations I’ve had recently on the topic of face-to-face networking have revolved around the idea of working with those that “get it.” It makes good business sense to focus building your relationships with those that have the most potential. This potential isn’t merely in sales, but also in some other areas as well.


For many of us, we eased into the business – often through side work and freelancing. As we worked up we broke out on our own and then – WHAM. We hit the wall. Too much work, not enough time. Is it time to hire? (more…)

Considering the sheer number of variables involved in communicating anything – it is an absolute wonder that it is possible at all. Even a little bit. Neurons, muscles, tissues, thoughts, air pressure, volume, pitch, language – the variables involved are absolutely mind blowing. It’s not surprising then that one of the many invisible elements of effective communication is often neglected. (more…)

The dreaded and ever lengthening to-do list strikes fear into the hearts of most business owners. From the crumpled up bits of paper to the incorrectly used weekly planner. Our infatuation with “getting things done” has evolved into “trying to do everything.” (more…)

A few years ago, when I decided to go out on my own, I thought it wise to take a “professional looking” photograph of myself.  While the results weren’t awful, they did scream amateur. More recently – I decided to take the leap. (more…)