The Secrets to Hosting a Successful Meeting: Selecting the Venue

May 7, 2010 - Business Skills, Leading People, Management, Managing People, Operations, Personal Skills

A good meeting can mean the difference between achieving amazing results or completely destroying an initiative. To do it right, you need to consider quite a few variables. The first one, though no more or less important than any of the others, is the venue.

The venue for your meeting is absolutely critical. The venue for your event gives it credibility with your audience. A great venue can set the tone for great outcomes. A venue that is not appropriate for the content to be discussed can spell disaster and it creates a fertile ground for miscommunication of all kinds.

Venue Considerations:

Having good answers to the points above will ensure that you have properly screened the venue for your event. While all the points above may not be relevant, getting them into your thinking process will bring your meeting hosting skills to the next level. Understanding what it takes to put on a fantastic meeting is the first step to getting outstanding results.

Here’s a free printable worksheet to help you select a venue for your meeting planning.

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