The Secrets to Hosting a Successful Meeting: Logistical Communications

June 1, 2010 - Management, Managing People, Operations

A good meeting can mean the difference between achieving amazing results or completely destroying an initiative. To do it right, you need to consider quite a few variables. When planning a meeting and managing meeting logistics, communication becomes absolutely critical.

Beyond sending out an email with the time and place, the way a meeting is communicated can have tremendous effects on the outcome of the meeting.

A hand written invitation and concierge level support will set a completely different tone than a casual invitation delivered at a hectic outing. In fact, the art of delivering communications around the meeting has led to some extremely exotic invitations.

Apart from the invitation itself, ensuring that logistics are managed clearly is extremely important. Here is some guidance for managing the logistical communications:

Be planful about your communications and make sure they meet the guidelines above. This will help set up your meeting for success!

But what should you say and how should you say it? Don’t worry, I’ll get more into communication styling and content in a different article.

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