The work of a manager is often daunting. The day to day grind of demands from both the bottom and the top of the food chain threaten to tear most managers in half. (more…)

We’ve hosted our first show – today’s topic employee management. I’ll be working the bugs out over the next couple episodes – don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Recently, I spent some time learning how to run. I didn’t know that I couldn’t run, but as it turns out, the way I was “running” was actually a form of physical abuse. (more…)

Quick, think about something you are really good at. Something that you are better at than all your friends and colleagues. Go ahead, I’ll wait . . . (more…)

Intelligent business professionals often fall prey to gaps in their thinking that inhibit results. Common distortions include not having enough time, and the inability to get competent help in completing various tasks or jobs. Recommendations to navigate some of these gaps are provided. (more…)