Archer - The tension of the bow creates the action of the arrow.
Stop Chasing Motivation and Start Achieving your Goals.
Motivation is a mysterious bird – one that seems to fly in and out of our lives on a whim. Taming your motivation and making it do your bidding is actually [...]
You are Awesome!
The truth is simple, and stranger than fiction. You are awesome.
You’d be surprised how many business owners get this wrong.
It seems you can’t get your employees to do anything right. They tell you one thing to get hired and then they get to the job and sit on their hands, or [...]
Achieving an Unlimited Return on Investment
In my coaching and consulting practice, I run into quite a few business owners. Each one suffering from one type of systemic issue or other.  Behind most [...]
The Business Case for Cultivating Wisdom
Wisdom is a business worth billions of dollars a year. Many companies, individuals, and social organizations claim to understand it enough to teach it – [...]
Get the best employees by pre-screening them
Know what you are getting into with Pre-Employment screenings
The single greatest investment any company makes is its people. Send this article to any manager who thinks differently (you know who they are).
The Secrets to Hosting a Successful Meeting: Selecting the Venue
A good meeting can mean the difference between achieving amazing results or completely destroying an initiative. To do it right, you need to consider quite [...]
Get Better Results by Knowing your Learning & Communication Style
Become even more incredible by knowing how to add to your awesome through learning.
How to Evaluate a Strategic Plan
Success in business isn’t an accident.
Superman would choose Accountability
Accountability is a choice that not many make…