Business Design

Design Icon Why are you in business?

If you don’t knw the asnwer; you are not alone.

Designing the relationship between you and your business is one of the most overlooked steps in the business startup process. It is also the most critical.

Without an effective business design, the planning process won’t work. Simply put, you can’t plan for a company you don’t understand. The business design process creates understanding. It creates purpose, mission, vision and clarity. This gives you a way to focus your energies as an owner. It also creates  a way for your current or future employees to guide their actions.

There are four key elements to a successful business design:

Each element must be developed – in order. The business infrastructure you design will enable you to build a scaleable business that can withstand outrageous fortune and growth. It also centers and separates the owner from the business in a productive way, enabling tough decisions, and creating space to manage the business.

The Business Design Program details:

The design process is broken into four phases. Each phase is designed to interconnect – creating a strong foundation for your business.

Intended outcomes (phases 1-4):

Your ultimate success will be determined by your commitment to this process.  For the e-mail course, this means: We can send you the email, but you have to complete the exercises. For the face-to-face mastermind sessions and teleconference delivery this means: If you don’t show up, you won’t get the value.  In either case – like a gym membership, we can show you the exercises, but you have to perform them.

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