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Communicate your way to Success
Business is a communications exercise. If you are not communicating well problems emerge almost instantly. Independent of supply chain, service delivery, [...]
Branding vs. Packaging (which one is more important?)
With all the buzz over the past few years about branding it’s important to know the difference between branding and packaging. Branding is for your [...]
Having trouble with sales?
Customers that find your product or service easy to understand and purchase will be much more likely to do so. Are you removing the nonsense from your [...]
How do I Know if my Website Sucks?
It’s simple your website sucks if it fails to achieve the purpose you intended for it.
The Rising Tide
JFK said “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is absolutely true in the business world. Helping businesses closely related to yours is a great [...]
Beyond Goal Setting and Motivation: How sh*t really gets done
Goal setting and motivation are the tired drums of a tired set of business coaches, consultants, and motivational speakers. They work at times, but [...]
use QR codes to drive your business
The do’s and dont’s of QR Codes
You’ve seen ’em popping up everywhere. The little barcodes on your ketchup bottle or your hipster friends business cards, but what are QR codes [...]
How to get other people to follow up
Let’s face it, follow up is tough. Be it calling other people or trying to remember to complete a piece of work. Following up is not in the sweet [...]
How to tell your boss that they are disorganized
  How do you tell your boss that they are disorganized?
Using a 30 second commercial to get business everywhere
Using a 30 second commercial to get business from everyone you meet.
Have you developed a good 30 second commercial for your referral group? You could use this commercial in other settings to help you grow your business.