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It started as way to find services like legal, consulting, accounting, or human resrouces.  These services are hard to understand for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We take an “educate first, sell later” approach to helping people out. Our smart guys (gender neutral btw) are here to talk about common concerns, answer specific questions, and generally do good – while trying make a buck at the same time. Wanna know more?


If you are looking for professional help (and hey, that’s not a bad thing) then click on over to our services. If you don’t see something there, or have questions about a problem you are trying to solve, contact us and we can help you put a name to the pain – and help develop a cure.

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Have a smarter day!

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Keith Worrell

Hi Brian,
I find your website to be a trove of ideas. One guy I did advising for, decided to quit the paradigm he had acquired and he regressed back to the way he had been doing business. No problem for me, it was his choice. His income went back down, too.

I studied why he regressed and discovered his wife was keenly interested in the organizional changes. She wanted it back the way it was, because the paradigm changes in the business also impinged on their marriage whch she also didn’t want changed.

I learned yet another lesson – that a spouse must be included in all change dynamics.

I also learned that some businesses, while inefficient, the owner/managers want them that way. Making organizational changes to improve efficiency in an organization may be againt top officer business planning.

Hard lessons to learn, such as some business problems are designed-in and fixing them can become a problem for the company. Sometimes success means an ending for the company.

Everything wears out in time. W. E. Demings (the quality guru) has some good ideas on the topic. 100% quality isn’t a goal for production or service departments.

It was good meeting you today at Paniera’s in Springfield. I wish you the best into the future!

Keith Worrell

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